USA Maryland AT Hike & SOTA Summits

Hello all,

I plan to backpack the Appalachian Trail through the State of Maryland with Scott, N3SW June 5th to June 9th. Along the Appalachian Trail we will pass by two Maryland SOTA Summits. I plan to activate both of the below summits on 20m around 14.060mhz and 30m 10.116mhz and 40m 7.030mhz. Look for day 1 activation in the afternoon sometime. The day four activation will be late morning or early afternoon.

June 5th (day 1) – Quirauk Mountain W3/WE-004 6 Points

June 8th (day 4) – Lambs Knoll W3/WE-007 4 Points

SOTA W3 Mgr.

In reply to WA3WSJ:
OH thats cool! I will be looking for you.

Tom, N2YTF

In reply to WA3WSJ:
Sounds like a FUN trip…I might be able to chase you on day 1. What will you be running for a rig and antenna???

Enjoy the hike…Mike VA6FUN