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USA association ArcGIS maps

Hi all,
I finished up all the USA associations.

Remember, there is a FREE app called ArcGIS (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone) so you can take these maps mobile in addition to using them on a desktop/laptop computer. Having an easy and useful map on my cell phone is the idea that prompted me to create the original W6 map in the first place and I guess the project has grown a little bit.

Lastly I will point out that I don’t work for ArcGIS or its parent company ESRI, but I do really like their software and their web mapping tools. Just a little plug for the company that is hosting all these maps at no charge.

K0M - http://arcg.is/1z2gM6D
KH6 – http://arcg.is/1yXpsLs
KP4 - http://arcg.is/1yXtTWJ
W0C - http://arcg.is/1yXvufd
W0D - http://arcg.is/1Ppu9l5
W0M - http://arcg.is/1PpwqwD
W0N - http://arcg.is/1PpyS6g
W1 - http://arcg.is/1PpALjx
W2 - http://arcg.is/1PpCNjB
W3 - http://arcg.is/1PpE4ah
W4A - http://arcg.is/1PpG0j5
W4C - http://arcg.is/1d5xFmE
W4G - http://arcg.is/1DkcHWh
W4K - http://arcg.is/1Hx1NUT
W4T - http://arcg.is/1Hx3yBu
W4V - http://arcg.is/1zVqL8t
W5A - http://arcg.is/1zVqBxX
W5M - http://arcg.is/1zVrA17
W5N - http://arcg.is/1Gs5Gub
W5O - http://arcg.is/1Gs4UNH
W5T - http://arcg.is/1Gs6uPt
W6 - http://arcg.is/1yXnIlg
W7A - http://arcg.is/1Gs7T8E
W7I - http://arcg.is/1Gs8Yxh
W7M - http://arcg.is/1zVINHD
W7N - http://arcg.is/1zVJLnu
W7O - http://arcg.is/1zVNEbU
W7U - http://arcg.is/1zVOOUZ
W7W - http://arcg.is/1zVQFJn
W7Y - http://arcg.is/1zVS6aH
W8M - http://arcg.is/1zVU4I0
W8O - http://arcg.is/1zVV7rn
W8V - http://arcg.is/1zVW1o1
W9 - http://arcg.is/1zVXaMn

Has something changed with the ArcGIS maps now? I noticed about two weeks ago the app on my cell phone no longer will display the maps I had saved in my favorites, and just now tried viewing your maps listed here and get an error saying maps could not be loaded. Just curious as it has been a while since I last used this app…Thanks…

73, Todd KH2TJ

I also get error, map could not be loaded.

Barry N1EU

Am I missing something? I see a 21 day free trial of ARCGIS on their website. Can you continue to run it after the trial period? The link you provide works but how can I run it offline? Thanks for sharing the info. Tom NQ7R

Ok folks, the old ArcGis maps have been deleted. With rule changes and summits coming and going the maps were outdated so I dumped them. It’s not an account issue on your end, the maps simply don’t exist any longer. I will have updated maps posted soon and will post here when they are up!