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Uploading to DB



Just uploaded my first ever 30m Qs into the DB. I noticed that the upload parser does not complain about “30m” in the CSV file although it has to be “10MHZ” in order for the stats to display correctly. hw?

73 Norby


In reply to LX1NO:

I’ve always typed the bands in MHz. Not had a problem yet and I believe it is the recommended method in the help file.

TNX for F/NO14 yesterday - my first F summit!

Graham G4FUJ


Hi. Norby.

Yes, your observation is correct. The database allows the CSV file to contain anything in the Frequency field. This was a deliberate decision, so that the import program does not reject records if at all possible.

In most cases the upload parser will automatically convert from Band to MHz for you, but it’s not perfect and doesn’t work in all cases. It’s best if you enter the frequency in MHz.

From time to time I go into the database and manually correct any errors, but I only do this once every 3 or 4 months, so it may take some time, but eventually the band will be corrected.

We don’t use the band for awards or anything. At the moment, it is for your information and logging purposes only.

Gary G0HJQ (SOTA Database Administrator)

Please enter the frequency in MHz if possible.


In reply to G0HJQ:

Thanks Gary.

Don’t get me wrong. I did not do it on purpose, it’s a glitch in my export module but since the QSO list after the upload did not show anything in red, I did not notice the “error”.
Only after checking the band/percentage rate of that reference, I noticed that a certain amount of QSOs was shown as band and I supposed it had to do with 30m QSOs not showing 10MHZ during the upload.

It won’t happen again :wink:

73 Norby