Uploading CSV file?

Im trying to figure out how to upload CSV files to the Database. I can upload single qso’s in the CSV format but if I try and upload a file with more than 1 qso in it I get an error.

what am I doing wrong?


Please post a few lines of your csv file…

What is the text of the error?

And the error I get is:
An error has occured whilst processing line 1 of the input file.

The error was:

Too few data fields. There must be at least 7 fields.

Please ensure the input file is valid SOTA CSV or TSV file.


I am exporting this out of DXLabs

The layout is incorrect, there is a blank column.

Here’s what it should look like.

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As I said I am using DXLabs as my main logging software. The way I am doing it is under the “Check Progress” tab. I hold the “Ctrl” button while clicking the “SOTA” button. This is the CSV file that is generated. Is there a better way??


Sorry, I was trying to do 3 things at once including misreading your original comment. email the CSV file.

mm0fmf AT hotmail.com

I’ve just looked at the file Kent sent.

The uploading supports 2 file formats, both textual, one is CSV for comma separated values and the other is TSV for tab separated values. Either a comma or a tab is used to separate the fields of data. The parser looks at the first line uploaded and looks to see if there is a tab in that line. If there is, it decides you are feeding it with a TSV file. If not it switches to processing a CSV file.

The summit code for the summit on the first line is W5N/PW-020 but Kent’s file actually has quotes and an embedded tab.
This is what we want:


and this is what we have

V2,NC6B,,18/04/17,20:05,14MHz,CW,K7SO,"	W5N/PW-020"

you can see the difference the quotes and enclosed tab have.

Anyway, as the parser thinks you are feeding TSV data and it only finds 1 tab, it faults saying you have not provided enough data. Kent, you must have pulled out all your hair looking for this. I looked at the file and could see nothing wrong and actually fired up a debug version of the database app to see what was happening as it was quite obscure.

Cleanup the W5N/PW-020 reference and your file will load fine.



I think I see where I went wrong, I may have accidentally hit the tab key when entering the qso in my log. Now that I know what to look for.



One more question. Does the Database know if I entering a qso twice??


Yes. For chasing, whether you enter manually or via file uploads. it spots and handles duplicate QSOs. The first one found is the one that scores. Whenever you update your log (add or delete entries) then dupes are recalculated.

You can have duplicated QSOs in an activator log and they are handled the same. But you cannot submit multiple activator logs for the same summit on the same day so you must make sure all the QSOs are entered at the same time if you had 2 or more sessions on the same summit on the same day.

S2S QSOs are saved as a chaser QSO with a link to the extra data that says you were on a summit. It’s possible to enter these QSOs in such a way that you end up with duplicate QSOs in the chaser log scoring 0. This is fine and the software can cope with this situation. If you try and delete a QSO from your chaser log from the My Chaser Log page and it has associated S2S data you get an error telling you it’s a S2S QSO. You delete them from the My S2S Log instead.