Uploading Chaser Log to database

I have attempted to upload two chaser entries today 22/03/2020. While the entry appears to be accepted, it says something about a " future date". When I entered the date I simply clicked on the highlighted date ( today ) on the popup calendar that appears… My chaser entries do not appear in the database.
I tried again - checking carefully all selections - same issue.

Anyone else having problems uploading data today? It was a manual entry - not uploading a file.

Bill -

I think there is a local date versus UTC date issue involved. I have noticed that the popup calendar is offering me my local date even after the UTC date has rolled up by one. Since my time is behind UTC I do not get the “future date” message (which you appear to be getting because your time is ahead of UTC). But I still need to be careful to enter data using the correct UTC date. The routine appears to be using the date implied by our computers as the default date that is shown in the popup calendar.

73, Don AC7P, Texas

G’Day Don, Thanks…

Never mind… Issue sorted… Shack clock error…battery now replaced… operator error…… Thanks for the replies!

Cheers Bill VK1MCW

Good you’ve got it sorted Bill