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Upload logs for now-removed summits


Is it possible to upload valid logs for summits references that have now been removed from the current database of valid summits.

In other words, let’s say a summit was added to the database in 2009 (for example) and somebody activated it in 2018 and this summit was removed in 2019 from the database, can somebody upload his/her log for this summit in 2021? Is there a way to do that?


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You should be able to, although there may be a few bugs around it

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Thanks Andrew. I have tested it. The log uploads ok. When I try to submit it though, I get an error message: “Error uploading your data: Date is not valid”. Since the log uploaded ok and the dates were recognized as well, I think there is some code/routine somewhere that blocks the submission since the summit is no longer valid.


Is there a way around this problem or is it a piece of code you need to change on your side?

It’ll need to be on the API side, I’ll add it to the list. See if you can add it manually via the “Add Activator” or if you’re already doing that, via CSV upload

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Hi friends
F4EGG Thierry has the same problem; he wishes to upload some old activations and got the message “Date is not valid”. I did some tests and found that all dates seems to work after 01/02/2013. is there a “starting date” for the Database ?
73 Alain F6ENO


Is he trying to upload S2S chases? The S2S scheme started Feb 2013 and you cannot enter an S2S that predates that.

Hello Alain, yes, I was asking to help Thierry as well. Thank you for your testing.


No, he is not trying to upload S2S, just regular logs.

Submitting an activator entry does not work as the old summit does not show-up in the drop-down menu. Indeed, the error I got was when using the “upload CSV log file” functionality.