Upload CSV and overnight activations

I regularly use the upload CSV function to upload activations of several different summits over several days, and this works fine (i.e. the upload CSV function accepts logs spanning more than one day).

However, the upload CSV function incorrectly parses logs from overnight activations - it ignores the date change. It looks like the upload function only checks the date column if the summit reference changes. All of the QSOs from overnight activations are recorded, but they are all given the same date stamp.

Thought I would mention it…I’m guessing that the intended use is to upload a log for each day, but since the function does appear to work for multi-day logs, the behaviour when the same summit is activated twice is unexpected.

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That’s how it’s meant to work. See SOTA Database


That’s interesting…is there a reason why it is deliberately set to ignore the date change?

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Yes, the change of date does not signify the end of an activation. Also consider what the UTC time and date does if you activate around midday localtime and you live 12 hours West of Greenwich.

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I see, thanks for explaining. I always thought double points could be claimed for activations spanning new years eve / new years day.

Not really double points. You can claim activator points for a summit once per year. If you activate it across midnight on New Year’s Eve then you only need to climb the summit once to claim points for 31st Dec and then you can claim points for 1st Jan.

This is handled automatically by the system as of Jan 1 this year.