Upgrade your Elecraft AX1 Bipod Clip

Some of my SOTA buddies were complaining of the usability of the AX1 antenna bipod clip and suggested I design a new one. So, I got to work in Fusion 360 and came up with a greatly improved BNC clip and a larger, more useful knob for securing the legs in the desired position. You can print the design yourself from Printables.

Print one youself if you’d like to make the upgrade and enjoy much easier installation/removal, but still with solid performance: Printables



Very cool Adam!


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Users who do not have such a printer can buy the original Whip BiPod AXB1 for $31.95

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Correct, that’s the original design. This is a replacement clip that works for better than the one that comes with Elecraft the bipod kit.

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Hi Adam,

My 3D printer friend found the downloadable design info for the BNC clip component (at the clickable link you provided). Your diagram (with my arrows annotated) shows 4(?) other parts (legs, nut, etc). Did you make 3D designs for those too, that you want to share? Are they already on Printables?

Andy G8CPZ

He only made a replacement clip and knob for now. But, knowing Adam, I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes up with an entirely new, improved kit altogether. Ha.

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Okay thanks, a link to the knob design would be helpful.

I’m not upgrading an existing AX1 bipod clip but making one from scratch.

Here you go. For future reference, just click on the “files” tab:



Yep, you’ve got it. I did design legs too, but my goal isn’t necessarily to just duplicate what Elecraft designed. I am sharing replacement parts to upgrade their product. The design is shared via creative commons with attribution, so if they desired to take the ideas and sell them, they could.

If you really just want to build your own complete bipod, you can easily sketch up some legs and print them, or make some out of aluminum bar stock. I purposefully excluded them from my printables page because my intent is not to make a copy of their product, but to enhance it with modified replacement parts.


Also, the description on Printables provides more useful information…

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