UPDATED PLAN: Jersey Boys on Tour

…only if you believe that the Earth is flat.


I think Richard might have a point :smiley:


It looks like a bit more than 1km - let’s hope we can still manage that by the time we actually get to Sark. :wink:


That’s about right. We took the trailer “bus” for speed. To ensure we had a bit of spare time to have a quick look around as well as activate.

If you had the time I’d suggest an overnight on Sark. I was trying to get everything done in a bit of a hurry. Probably too much of a hurry. The lack of time “slack” became apparent when the delay of just two hours on the Saturday ferry from Jersey to Guernsey caused us to miss out Sark on the Saturday. It was just very fortuitous that there was a non timetabled additional service over to Sark on the Sunday.

If I had my time again I’d probably do something more like the following.

Day 1 - Arrive Jersey, possible sightseeing depending on arrival time.
Day 2 - Activate Jersey, sight seeing
Day 3 - Ferry to Guernsey, activate Guernsey and sight seeing.
Day 4 - Sightseeing Guernsey
Day 5 - Early ferry to Sark, activate Sark, sightseeing.
Day 6 - Early ferry back to Guernsey, Ferry back to Jersey
Day 7 - Sightseeing Jersey
Day 8 - Travel home.

My initial schedule was just Friday to Tuesday.

Of course doing 8 days instead of 5 would considerably increase the cost of the trip.

In the end we ended up staying an extra night, Tuesday into Wednesday, due to a cancelled flight by Easyjet. With an alternative flight this morning. I’ve now go to start the claims process for cancellation etc. Grrrr.


Next Saturday Jul 13, our Brazilian colleague, Marcio Cabral PY2TTN will activate GJ/JE-001 and will participate in the IARU Conteste as well.
Let’s hunt for this new GJ/PY2TTN activation