Update W1 SOTA Campout 2021

Update June 20, 2021

W1 SOTA Campout 2021

July 16th Friday to July 19th Monday, 2021

As of today, the following people plan to attend the W1 SOTA campout! When confirmed, if you haven’t already, please let me know the campsite you pick at the campground.

Bob, AC1Z & Dee, KO4LIT Site #55

Mike, WB2FUV Site #48

Ed, K1RID Site #44

Paula, K9IR Site #42

Dave, NT1U Site #34

Paul, N1ZF plans to arrive early and pick a First Come First Serve site

Shane, KC1ONG plans to arrive early and pick a First Come First Serve site

Al, N1AW Site #54

Others have shown interest in camping or attending the Dinner on Saturday evening.

I’ll send updates as we get closer as July 16th approached.


We had a great time camping and activating the past three years with SOTA operators from several states. This is an opportunity for those who participate in or have interest in the “Summits on the Air” SOTA program to meet each other, have conversation, learn and activate SOTA summits in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Join in for the entire three-night campout or for as many nights as you would like or just stop by for a while, it is an informal gathering.

Make your reservation at: Campton Campground

There are both tent and RV sites available. Senior Pass allows for discount.

Please email me at: bobac1z.nh@gmail.com to let me know which site you reserve or if you are interested in stopping by the campground for a while or joining others for dinner at the nearby Mad River Tavern Saturday July 17th 6:30pm.

Bob AC1Z - Alton, NH Email: bobac1z.nh@gmail.com

Campton Campground is one of the first National Forest campgrounds visitors encounter when driving north on Interstate 93. On Route 49 about 2 miles east exit 28 off Route 93, this location has 58 sites scattered amongst ancient white pine trees.

Reservations: This site can be reserved by calling Toll Free 1-877-444-6777 (International 518-885-3639 or TDD 877-833-6777) or on-line at Recreation.gov
Fees $25 fee per night
Open Season: May - mid-October
Closest Towns: Campton, NH
Water: Faucet
Restroom: Flush Toilet Coin Showers
Operated By: Pro-Sport, Inc

See Web sites below for more info and to reserve a site at the campground:

https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/whitemountain/recarea?recid=74587 Campton Campground, White Mountain National Forest - Recreation.gov

GPS Coordinates of Campground: Latitude: 43.873447 Longitude: -71.626717

Activities include:

SOTA Activating during the Day – Friday July 16th to Monday 19th, 2021 – Let others know your activation plans for Summit to Summits.

Friday July 16th – Initial gathering, conversation, campfire, Food and Drink at 5:30pm. Bring your favorite SOTA gear, pictures, videos, etc. to share with others.

Saturday July 17th - Meet at Mad River Tavern Restaurant for dinner at 6:30pm. Located within minutes from Campton campground.

Sunday July 18th and Monday July 19th - More SOTA Activating and gatherings.

Some SOTA Summits near Campton Campground

All suggested trails are designated and maintained except as noted. Other trails or ways to summits are possible.

Listed in order of driving time from campground to parking - source: Google maps:

  • Sandwich Mt. -W1/HA-020 - 10 points – 9 minute drive to Parking Area GPS 43.93820, -71.51084 Drakes Brook and Sandwich Mt. Trails 4.3 mile hike to summit 3980 ft. – Elevation Gain Approx. 2600 ft. – Small lookout area at summit with nice view.
  • Mt Tripyramid North-W1/HA-033- 10 points – 14 minute drive to GPS 43.965895, -71.513712 Livermore S Trailhead parking off Tripoli Rd. Livermore, Scaur Ridge and Pine Bend Brook Trails to 4180 ft summit – Elevation Gain approx. 2600ft. Lookout at summit and area to set up antenna.
  • Mt. Tecumseh – W1/HA-015 -10 points – 14 minute drive to Mt Tecumseh Trailhead –2.2 miles to summit 4003ft. - Elevation Gain approx. 2100ft - View at summit clearing.
  • Mt. Carr-W1/HA-024 – 6 points - About a 21minute drive to Mt. Carr/Kineo Trailhead GPS 43.885405, -71.796138. Cross Sucker Brook. 3453 ft high summit, 3.3 mile hike with about 2100 ft EG.
  • Mt. Lafayette -W1/HA-002 – 10 Points - 23 min. drive to trailhead parking. Elevation: 5260ft Elevation Gain: about 3350ft. Great 360 views from open rocky summit. Trailhead at Lafayette Place parking lot: GPS 44.142070, -71.681402. Hike on the Old Bridle Path for 3.1 miles to the AMC Greenleaf Hut then the Greenleaf Trail for 1.1 miles to summit. Hike back the same way roundtrip: 8.4 miles. You can hike back the same way or if you are in for a longer hike the Franconia Ridge Trail to the Lincoln and Little Haystack summits and descend back to parking lot and campground via the Falling Waters trail. Total 9 mile hike.
  • Mt Moosilaukee W1/HA-003 –Excellent open rock summit with 360 views. Closest trailhead is the same as Mt Wolf a 25 min drive to Beaver Brook Trailhead off Route 112 North Woodstock. Same side of road take Beaver Brook trail 3.8 miles to summit with 2800ft EG. OR a 42 minute drive to hike from the west on the Glencliff (AT) trail about 3.7 miles to summit. Very enjoyable hike. Gradual climb elevating about 3300 feet. Open rock summit. Parking at Glencliff Trailhead on High Street off RTE 25 in Benton, NH GPS 43.998594, -71.881390
  • Mt Osceola -W1/HA-011-10 points - 26 min drive to Tripoli Road parking lot GPS 43.983498, -71.559945 – Mt. Osceola Trail 3.2 miles to summit 4340 ft. -Elevation Gain approx. 2050 ft. – Great view at summit large area for antenna.
  • Cannon Mt.-W1/HA-113- 10 points – 26 minute drive to trailhead or Tramway. – IF OPEN - Tramway takes you to restaurant and a short hike to summit. Lookout tower and lots of antennas make it a bit noisy on some bands. See info and fees at: www.nhstateparks.org/visit/state-parks/aerial-tramway.aspx … If prefer to hike-Kinsman Ridge Trail 2.0miles to summit 4100 ft. – Elevation Gain 2100 ft.
  • Mt Wolf -W1/HA-074 – 6 points – 25 minutes drive to Beaver Brook Trailhead off Route 112 N. Woodstock, NH cross the road and take the AT about 3.6 miles to summit. Found a Geocache on summit located just of the trail.
  • Stinson Mt. -W1/HA-023 - 2 points - About a 28 minute drive to trailhead. Nice view on this summit. 1.8 miles on the Stinson Mt Trail to 2900ft summit with 1400EG. Park on Doe Town Road GPS Trailhead 43.849271, -71.800931
  • Hersey Mt – W1/HA-029 – 1 point – About 26 minute drive to parking at 43.581775, -71.671032 Hike the road turn around lot, then take right to a trail on the right that was marked with orange tape on trees. Easy hike about 1.5 miles to summit. You can drive the class 6 road for a ways and park but rough and marked “pass at your own risk”. Nice cabin on summit and some views from lookouts. Easy to set up. See Alltrails map - Hersey Mt Trail.
  • Other summits possible. More details will be available at campout.For meetings, camp-outs, conventions, hamventions, ham fests e.t.c