Update on SOTA Goat

Hi everyone, developer of SOTA Goat for iOS here. I’m just posting to let everyone know that submissions of spots and alerts are currently not working, due to the deprecation of Spotlite which the app relied on.

I’m working on an update which has more robust spot/alert posting, as well as including the ability to delete spots and alerts that you’ve created from within the app.

Thanks for your patience as I finish up the next version and go through the App Store review rigamarole.


Hi Rockwell,

The ability to update or delete previous posts will be a great help.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Rockwell, be aware that a proper API to allow apps to handles spots/alerts is in development. If it was me, I would not be spending any real effort changing how the app works when the systems the app interacts with are in their end-of-life phase. I’d just fix the changed URLs so the app worked as before and save the major changes for when the new API is available.

Thanks Andy. Yes, I understand that the SOTAwatch API is in development. However, I don’t know the timetable, and I can’t afford to wait since posting spots and alerts is a core feature of the app.

Instead I’ve built a sort of “middle man” API that, for now, interacts with SOTAwatch using the “old” way (screen-scraping, form submissions, etc.). When the proper API comes into production, I will switch over the server software to talk to that, instead, and SOTA Goat will not care either way.

Sure. I didn’t want you to put a lot of effort into something that may suddenly become redundant.

Without SOTAGOAT working for spots or alerts, and spot lite out, I have the choice of using the browser or SMS.

The SMS is very easy. As the message history is displayed on screen a prior message can be cloned and edited fairly easily. Text is fine for me.

Hi Rockwel,

Good news a new SotaGoat!
Yesterday, I activated 6 sumits, but my Sotagoat did not work! Again I got the massage:Unable to summit spot alert…
You advice me to upload the App again. It’s work! But only for a short time.
Hopely you can fix this bug in the new SOTA-GOAT.
SRI chasers. Yesterday I do have internet on the summit, but my app SG did not wrk.
TKS Working me and PA0DLN (SSB)
CU, 73 Sake PA0SKP.


Thanks Rockwell, for all your work on SG. Any chance of a refresh button or something like 1 minute updates on distance and heading to summit?


Could you elaborate, Doug? In terms of refresh, the Spots and Alerts tabs both auto-refresh on a timer (1 min and 5 min, I think). If you want to refresh manually, you can scroll to the top of the table and keep pulling down until the refresh icon appears, then let go.

As for location updates, are you talking about posting spots on an interval, or just updating the screen for the activator?


Thanks for creating SOTA Goat, ever since I have been doing SOTA. I have used SOTA Goat a lot. I enjoy the app very much. Can’t wait for the new version, so we can post spots & alerts.

Erik WX4ET

I can see the attraction of doing that, but the downside is that it introduces a dependency on yet another server.

Any problem in computer science can be solved by adding another level of indirection. But doing so will create a new problem.

Martyn M1MAJ

Hi Rockwell,
Refreshing “Nearby Summits” Sometimes I have to close the app to get it to refresh, going back to summits “nearby” returns the “old” summits even though I have moved. And being able to locate “nearby” summits, when there is no data service. Presumably the lat lon is downloaded when the database is downloaded, the ipad knows where I am and it knows where the summit is, why does it fail when it looses a data connection. If I am driving dirt road somewhere, it is nice to know I have passed the peak and am getting farther away.