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Stolen from twitter.


Oo-er, I don’t like the look of that one at the bottom of the photo. I hope he gave it an anti-viral spray and washed his hands afterwards. :joy:


I’ve only ever taken one LFT. It would take me a long time to collect enough to be useful at this rate.

I have used plenty of what would be going into refuce or recycling bins in my SOTA gear.

I use a few of these plastic boxes for holding things like Palm Paddle, leads, pencils etc. as they are waterproof and the lids lock in place. They’re sturdy but slightly flexible.


However, the catches rubbed against the material of my old rucksack wearing small holes in the material. Now I have flaps cut out 4L plastic milk containers that cover the catches providing a smooth surface against the bag and so far no sign of damage.

Not sure about those LFT insulators though :wink:


Ha… two a week, sometimes more often for me. So glad the latest ones are nasal only!


:rofl: :rofl: :clap: :clap: :clap:
73 de José

We’ve had at least 4 different types of tests. It looks like the latest lot are back to the nose and throat type. I think it’s just pot luck which ones you get. We get them from my daughters’ school, my wife’s work, the pharmacy and by post.