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Upcoming Mountain Goat Activation by K7MK

Be on the lookout tomorrow(Saturday, April 18) as K7MK makes the final activation needed to become only the second Mountain Goat from W7I. He will be at W7I/SR-167 the site of his first SOTA activation back on April 4, 2015. So, Jim’s MG quest has taken 5 years. Look for Alerts and Spots for this activation at all the usual places. He said he will likely be on the air around 19:45 UTC. Tomorrow is also his birthday, so wish him Happy Birthday as well as congratulate him on MG Status!

He will also be on the air today (Friday, April 17) as a warmup and to get one more point to reach 999 points. Look for him around 21:30 from W7I/SR-163.

de Scott/K7ZO W7I Association Manager