Upcoming Joshua Tree National Park SOTA activation

DL6UHA and myself, K6YOA, are planning a SOTA activation of the following Joshua Tree National Park peaks, W6/SD-039, W6/SD-044, W6/SD-267, W6/SD-030, W6/CD-016, W6/SD-453, W6/SD-037
& W6/SD-083 between Monday 28th Nov to Wednesday 30th Nov. I’ll be posting a schedule on the Alerts section of the SOTA board shortly. For those doing NPOTA we will have that information as well. DL6UHA will work CW, and I’ll be doing SSB. Primarily we will operate on 40m and 20m, and other HF bands if conditions allow. We may also call briefly on 2m.

Alerts now being posted on SOTA board.

Gary, Perhaps we will work a park-to-park as I am heading out Sunday 11/27 for several days to Southwest Utah to work NPOTA locations there and in AZ and NV. Will not be doing any SOTAs but will be on 20 and 40 meters SSB/CW with my potential frequencies posted on the ARRL NPOTA “On the Air” website. 73 de Scott WA9STI

Sorry we missed you during your NPOTA trip. Hope you had fun, our trip was a big success.