Upcoming IE-072 Ben of Howth Activation 28 May

Activation scheduled to begin from about 1200UTC on 28 May. 145.5 MHz on 2m and around 14.030 QRP CW

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Welcome, that’s near Dublin so you might be heard from NW Wales on fm. Perhaps from the Lake District or SW Scotland as well. :slight_smile:

Best of luck, the wx looks good. Send us some photos afterwards. :slight_smile:

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Will have 4 element 2m beam so hoping wx is kind.

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There are a few on here who can do 2m SSB which would worth trying if you can.

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I might bring trusty old FT290R

Yes proper aerial try a proper mode :rofl: :rofl:

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Have fun! My first SOTA activity was activating EI/IE-022 on 2m FM with an HT while I was on holiday. Enjoyed many contacts with the stock antenna reaching Wales.


Hi Tony,
Welcome to SOTA and this Reflector.

I’d recommend you not to activate QRP on that 14.030 frequency because there will probably be QRO traffic on or very near to that frequency, making it difficult for us chasers to copy your QRP signal. For some reason, there are some few activators using odd frequencies like 14.032, 14.043 and the like, from time to time and I have often been unable to copy and chase them because nearby QRO traffic was too strong.

The vast majority of the SOTA activators tend to use frequencies above the CW QRP calling frequency (14.060) like 14.062, 063, 064 or even below like 14.056, 057, 058.

Good luck and I hope to be able to chase you.



Hi Tony,

best of luck with your first activation and welcome to the wonderful community of SOTA.
I will listen for you on 2m from the work qth during lunch break