Upcoming Birmingham Trip. Looking for SOTA suggestions.

I’m likely to have a free day in Birmingham on Tuesday 25th June 2024, with a business event the day after. I’ll be flying down early on the morning of 25th and will be staying in a hotel at the NEC or airport that night.

Does anyone have any suggestions of summits I could reach from there using public transport? I had a real blast doing Kinder Scout from Manchester airport a couple of years back.

Alternatively does anyone want a day out with me on 25th?

Fraser MM0EFI


Nearest is Walton Hill (G/CE-002) which is well visited but quite spacious. According to the NT website (Clent Hills | Worcestershire | National Trust) :
“Bus stop 20 minutes walk from Nimmings Wood car park, up a steep hill, on bus route 192 between Birmingham, Halesowen, Hagley and Kidderminster. Alight at Hagley. Bus stop ½ mile from Clent village, on bus route 318 between Stourbridge, Hagley and Bromsgrove.”

Great Malvern is 1.5hrs on the train from Birmingham Intl which gets you a nice walk away from Worcestershire Beacon (G/WB-009). It’s lovely but busy and the AZ isn’t that large so probably not one for long wire antennas.

Good luck and hope to catch you on the air!


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With the airport on the East side of Birmingham, reasonable options (time-wise) with public transport are limited.
As Mike mentioned, the nearest summit is Walton Hill (G/CE-002). After that, public transport options will take possibly that much longer (2-3 hours) plus walking time.

By car, there are a few options:

Bardon Hill (G/CE-004), near Leicester, NE of the airport. Relatively small summit but with a nice view across the quarry. It also houses a transmission tower nearby but never had any issues. (Approx 45 mins by car)

The Wrekin (G/WB-010), North West of Birmingham near Telford. A nice walk - popular during the weekend - with nice views on the top with plenty of space for antennas. (Approx 1 hour from the airport by car)

Further South of the airport on either side of the M5 are various smaller summits.

The Cloud (G/SP-015) and Gun (G/SP-013) much further North along the M6 near Congleton. The stomping ground of @M1EYP. (1hr+ drive by car)

Depending on the arrival time, it may even be possible to go on a car treasure hunt and activate the 5 two-pointers (or as many as time allows) along the Welsh Borders, West of Birmingham in the Shropshire Hills. G/WB-004, G/WB-002, G/WB-005, G/WB-003 and G/MW-013. (1.5 hrs by car)

Let me know if there aren’t any takers. Happy to become the Ham4Hire on the day.
I can even bring my gear, like a SOTA Safari, so you can add another layer in your carry-on luggage instead of radio equipment.



That ticks all the boxes.

Cheers Robert. I will keep in touch.

At the moment, it looks like my flight gets in at 8am and I would literally have all day, so open to lots of ideas. :grinning:


Presumably made by the same team as Krakatoa, East of Java.


Likely; as long as you keep going East… ; now corrected.

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My suggestion is to go somewhere else.

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Its Glasto week but sadly we failed to tickets this year, so I am free and would up for some SOTA if you would like company. I could also suggest & offer CE-002, WB-009, CE-003 and time permitting CE-001 with a finish at Cheltenham, an hour back to Birmingham international by rail.


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You beat me to it. But have a :beer: for thinking like me :slight_smile:

This thread is about going somewhere else. Doh!


I’m only jealous you get to do some radio fun in a different part of the country at essentially someone else’s expense!