Unlis on the hill

It is a bit schizophrenic to see myself being on the hill when I was working at my desk:

Fri 10:55 OK2BWB/P on OK/VY-006 7.032,5 cw
OK2 not OK1, sri. (Posted by DL7URB)

I waited a while, but no correction came. Unlis climb the hill?


I suspect a simple Morse error is the most likely cause. When you’re on a summit you might not see your own spots (so won’t be able to correct them), and if conditions are not good maybe the spotter was the only person who heard you…

There are two spots on that summit:

Fri 10:55 OK2BWB/P on OK/VY-006 (Posted by DL7URB) 7.032,5 cw
Fri 10:40 OK1HCD/P on OK/VY-006 (Posted by SP9AMH) 7.032 cw

Earlier in the day there are two spots on a nearby summit:

Fri 08:51 OK1BJH/P on OK/VY-058 (Posted by G4OBK) 7.032 cw
Fri 08:30 OK1HCD/P on OK/VY-058 (Posted by DL1FU) 7.032 cw

As not the best Morse reader out there, I can see how JH might be misread as WB. If the conditions weren’t wonderful then misreading 2 for 1 isn’t that far off, and there’s a comment in the spot about correcting the 1 to a 2, so maybe the sending wasn’t perfect?

It’s possible some digging on RBN might shed some light, but it’s being a bit sluggish here, and the only RBN spot I’ve managed to find that comes close to any of those above is one for OK1BJH (no /P) at 0850z on 7.032.

…so I guess only the actual activator and spotter can say for sure.

73, Rick M0LEP