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Uniques or points?

Just for curiosity a question to the chasers: What is the bigger “desire” - gaining more unique summits or more points? I don´t go for activator points, so I wonder what potential summit to go would be more fun for the chasers? A rarely activated 4-pointer like i.e. DM/TH-054 or the umpteenth activation of i.e. 10-pointer DM/TH-003? Being basically DX-minded I supposed “new or rare ones” being of greater interest but perhaps I´m wrong.

A bit of a mix. I went for points as much as anything 'til I reached the magic thousand, but now I think I’ll be giving uniques more attention.

I might revert to points chasing if I ever manage to crack morse…

73, Rick M0LEP

In reply to DL8MBS:

As a dedicated chaser I will try to work any SOTA activator no matter whether they are on a 10 pointer that I have worked before or a single unique, and leave the points and unique tables to look after themselves.

I do not check before calling. If there is an activator on a hill I will try to ensure that they are worked and spotted to allow them to qualify. To a chaser the level of difficulty in making the QSO is the same regardless of the points accrued, but as the SOTA honour roll is listed in points order it is interesting to see how your progress compares with that of others, so I find it more satisfying to collect points.

It is always a pleasant surprise to discover later that the activator was on a high scoring SOTA as I feel particularly pleased that I have been able to reward the extra level of difficulty from their point of view.

To the majority of chasers the simple delight of making the SOTA QSO, regardless of points or status, is more important. Why else would chasers queue up daily to work Jürg HB9BAB on ZH-015, Aage LA1KHA on TM-049, Tom M1EYP on SP-015 or Rolf HB9DGV on BE-110 for the umpteenth time?

The answer is for the feeling of satisfaction and fun.