Unidentified patch cable

It’s good to remove at least one piece of detritus each trip, left by others on the hills. Usually it’s a plastic bottle or some orange peel. I’ve found hats, gloves, dog collars, lunch boxes and walking poles over the years. I didn’t take much notice of this patch cable when I found it on the forest trail from Binn Corr EI/IW-009 last year. I assumed it was a 3.5mm jack lead and stuffed it in my pocket. I came across it again in my junk box and I’m curious to know what it is - I’m sure it will be obvious to somebody.

It’s 0.5m long, has 5 gold plated pins in each connector. The plugs look very nicely made, steel with locking latch pins released by retracting the outer knurled ring - they seem better than consumer grade. Actually, they would make a nice audio connector for a QRP radio!

Any ideas?
John EI3KA


Those look like LEMO connectors, they are often used on high end test equipment. Is there a phone tower or other mast near where you found it.

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Even the colors look to me like a high-end AV cable… it reminds me a bit of SVHS.

73 Armin

Definitely a LEMO connector. The knurled pattern is the give away.

Never mind the cable, I’m intrigued by these. Left behind by the local priest?


Yeah, looks like a LEMO connector alright - never seen one of those before. I found it on a forestry track by Derryclare Lake. No obvious phone mast that I can see on the map. The lake is a fly fishing magnet and there are signs for covert surveillance on the trail, so might be AV related.

Ah a bit of poaching while doing SOTA no harm John :slight_smile:


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Yeah, just pull out the Tactical mini, tie the antenna wire to the tip and wait to get arrested.

It’s almost certainly AV related. I’ve seen them used to synchronise different devices. Someone would have been a bit miffed they left that behind. At least it wasnt a fibre optic one. They run over €1K.

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With 5 Pins it could be for precise PT100 temperature sensor. Maybe someone did some field-research or so in the area?

prime candidate…


Dog carcasses to go with them? The mind boggles!

No carcasses, just a collar with the tag below, my daughter kept as a souvenir. Sure hope Lil made it home.

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