Unexpected meeting...

Pleasant surprise during double activation of HB/VS-213 and HB/VS-222. Coming down from the Spitzhorli I met a couple of hikers who were climbing towards the summit. Suddenly one of the two looks at me and exclaims: “Sota?” I look up at his baseball cap: HB9TVK! What a coincidence! Of course, as soon as I arrived on the Tochuhorn, I searched and did the S2S with him, 40 meters cw, excellent signal, hi! Then, while my group I was returning to the Simplon Pass, I met him as he went up to the Tochuhorn for his activation. Thank you Peter for the S2S!
73 de Fabio IK2LEY

Setup on HB/VS-213

Me and Peter



Hi Fabio,

it was a big pleasure meeting you while on route to HB/VS-213! Your hat with the SOTA badge gave you avawy, hi. It is indeed a rare event, during my 287 activations, this was only the 3rd time I met a fellow activator, so it is a 1 in a 100 chance, and the double activation with the S2S opportunity made it even more special!

So thanks Fabio for the S2S, and I hope to hear you on the air (S2S) again soon!

best 73,
Peter, HB9TVK

Working you S2S from Spitzhorli HB/VS-213

Later that day on Tochuhore HB/VS-222