Unauthorised to reject eQSL

Dear all,
I hope there is some expert on eQSL here because I have a weird problem and I need some help.
After having spend some hours this week processing and clearing my Inbox for the EA2IF/P account in eQSL, which is the one I created for all my SOTA activations, I have finished having just 3 eQSLs in my Inbox for 3 different QSOs with a ham whose callsign is not any single time in my log. These are:

I click on the REJECT button and then a new window opens with an error message saying this:
For various reasons, I have successfully rejected many other eQSLs before, even this morning. But I can’t reject these 3 and I’m a bit fed up of seeing them there for years.
I’ve unsuccessfully tried to find an answer on eQSL FAQ.
I’ve also looked EC4YO on QRZ.com looking for his email address, but there’s none.
Anyone knows how I could do to reject those 3 eQSLs or who can I write to in eQSL.cc to ask him to reject them for me?
Thanks in advance and 73,


Guru -

You might try checking the “Archive” boxes (without taking any action to reject or confirm the QSOs). Then use the “Move checked boxes to archive” function. I think that will prevent you from seeing these in your inbox in the future.

73, Don - AC7P

Hi Guru,
I suggest you contact the support team at eQSL - they’ll know straight away what the problem is and if it’s something strange about these particular three records, they will be able to remove them even if you can’t.

73 Ed.

Thanks for suggesting this simple and easy to do action. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself, as it’s so obvious. For some reason I was kind of stuck in the idea that it was only possible to accept or reject an eQSL and I didn’t want any of those.
Now they are just archived and I’ll never see them again. Pfew! What a relief!
Thank you very much!


Thanks to all for your different suggestions. I took Don’s suggestion for now and I may also contact eQSL to let them know, as well as write an email to EC4YO to the address kindly sent to me via PM by Colin G8TMV.
This is indeed a great community.