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Unacceptable behaviour


Can I ask the station who has been sending “SOTA” on 7.032 KHz for the past 30 minutes to please stop.

I appreciate that you are annoyed that contest stations are using the freq but this behaviour does not reflect well on the SOTA organisation.


Later 1205 UTC)

Thank you


In reply to G4SSH:
Quite right Roy - as has previously been noted, no-one has a right to a frequency - only another 12 hours and WPX is over, so no big problem!
73 de CRIS


In reply to G4SSH:

Well said Roy and Cris, nobody “owns” any QRG, so please, let’s all live and let live, sota, jota, iota, contest, whatever.



In reply to G4SSH:
Hi Roy,
I wonder if this is the same station that was ‘bugging me’ during my
activations on MW? He was a gud 599 signal and repeatedly asked for
SOTA Nr? When I gave MW005, he would come back MW014?? or similar!
After many repeats, my reply was ‘dont be stupid, nw CL’ - he said 'OK’
and that was that! I know it doesn’t happen too often, but very annoying
during genuine contacts

73s de Peter G(W)3TJE+


In reply to G3TJE:
IMHO it is not-very-subtle deliberate qrm.
73 de Mike, EI2CL


In reply to EI2CL:
Heard this morning at 1031z on 7.031 - a UK station calling CQ JAPAN (!) - same kind of keying as the CQ SOTA LID t’other day.
73 de CRIS


In reply to GM4FAM:

Hi Cris, Some ops don’t seem to realise that a “fist” is just as distinctive as a voice, to those of us who operate cw regularly.

By the way Cris, let some of these cw sigs pass by your stn so we can get em, hi.
Abysmal again on 40m here, but can hear you wrkg them all. You must have a great qth and ant set up mate.



In reply to GW0DSP:
Dead right Mike - am fairly sure this was same station messing about (only wish I had taken a recording - next time I will).
Missed the first HA2VR activation and OE6GWG this morning (was yapping to Andy GM0UDL on 2 about our upcoming SOTA activation and wasn’t watching the spots - duh!).
This set-up is certainly not as competitive as Phil OBKs, but the skip to EU is better from up here - and would be lost a lot of the time without the Beverages).
73 de CRIS


In reply to GW0DSP:


Conditions are the same here on the Yorkshire Coast - 40m just a hiss and crackle of static today with no SOTA’s heard. I rarely hear OE/OK and HA stations anyway if they are using 5w on this band - it is a breath of fresh air when Klaus arrives with his super antenna’s, multiple bands and big signals.

I wish more EU stations would use 30m in addition to 40m, it is a great band into the UK and it would drastically increase their chaser totals.

By the way I am down in Cornwall for a week again tomorrow. as G4SSH/A.
The indoor vertical that I use there allows me to work most EU stations, and even G stations from the Lake District northward, which I normally cannot copy here.



In reply to G4SSH:
Hi Roy
Agree 100% on 30m usage - much more reliable for wkg to UK.
You are always very gud sigs here from Cornwall QTH .
QRX for my first activation later in week (wx dependant) - planning on doing an all-time new one (only 11.5 miles walk-in!!).
73 de CRIS


In reply to GM4FAM:

planning on doing an all-time new one (only 11.5 miles walk-in!!).

That’s right Cris, start with an easy one to get going!!

73 de Les, G3VQO


In reply to G3VQO:
Just hope am not too tired to operate Les!
73 de Cris


In reply to G4SSH:

Agreed 100% on 30m Roy, it’s a superb EU/G band. I’m busy constructing a new linked dipole for…80/60/40/30 for sota activations on my little 1 pointers.

As for Klaus, what can I say? To me, Klaus is the ultimate in /P operation, he is always a super signal no matter what the cndx are like, I think I have only failed to make the contact with him once since I joined the sota programme, he always finds a band/mode which gets through, also I really appreciate the way that he will always take the time to send qrs for the slower guys before going qrt, it’s great operating practice and has encouraged many a qrs op.

Believe it or not Roy, you are a better signal from Cornwall on your vert ant than you are from your home qth, must suit the skip distance better, or the low angle of radiation from the vert does the trick.

To you Cris, good luck with your first activation, I’ll be listening for you.
Be warned though, as I was, activating is very addictive and you will want to be on a summit regularly, especially on those days when there are only a few alerts for sota.

73 Mike GW0DSP