Unable to reproduce F5UKL videos

Dear all,
I’m on holiday today and I’ll be able to play SOTA chasing :v: as well as some time on this Reflector.

Whenever I try to watch any of André F5UKL’s videos I receive the following message:
It means: ¡Damn! This video can’t be reproduced under your current configuration.

I’m using a VAIO laptop with Windows XP.
Does anyone know what should I change in which configuration as to be able to watch André’s nice videos?

I have always had this problem with my laptop but I had the back-up method of watching them on my smartphone. Unfortunately, this failed as well several months ago, when my company smartphone died and I got my current one, which doesn’t let me watch certain videos, among which Andre’s ones are included.

Any help and ideas would be very welcome!

Thanks and best 73,


Probably you have a very old version of Adobe Flash installed which needs updating. Or there is no Flash installed at all.

Thanks Andy for your feedback.
I’ve unsuccessfully tried myself first and with the help of a ham IS friend later.
It looks like my laptop needs deep cleanning of all that stuff selfinstalling in your computer when connected to the internet and not only Adobe Flash but various things updating.
My friend has been trying to fix it remotely but he couldn’t and I’ll be hopefully taking my laptop to his expert hands tomorrow.


My old SONY VAIO laptop spent about 24 hours at Santi @EA2BSB’s QTH and it’s just got back in good shape, letting me now watch André’s videos.
Thank you very much, Santi!


Agur Guru
I’m glad that all is correct now.
The videos are mostly 2 Go full HD and I think that ist will be more and more difficult to look at the wideos under XP.
Best 73 and i hope that we’ll meet soon again.
André f5ukl