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Unable to post alert


Evening, is there any trouble with sotawatch at the moment? If I try and post an alert it either seems to post correctly but never appears or gives me a http 500 error.

Any ideas?


Post the details in here exactly as on the alert page. It may be something silly or may be a real bug.


This happened to me some time ago and It has due to some not recognised symbols being written in the comments box.
I remember writing I’ll instead of I will. I’ll was not accepted and I will was.
Andy @MM0FMF, we discussed this in a thread quite long ago.
I’ll see if I can find It.



Yes single quotes in the comments will cause the alert to be deleted. There are ongoing changes for the new SOTAwatch that Jon is writing and the current SOTAwatch has a few quirks as a result. If you enter an alert and everything is good, the alert should appear in the list If it doesn’t appear you should check every field very carefully because you don’t always get an error message.

So check for a single quote in the comment field, check the date is in EU format and matches the template (dd/mm/yyyy) and check the frequency is a valid ham frequency.


Try to find a thread I started called Unable to raise an alert.
There you’ll see what Andy @MM0FMF wrote:
Don’t put quotes in spots and alerts. They make the software drop your spot for some hacking related reasons.

I hope this helps.



Please tell me its just me being stupid,


Year needs to be 4 digits? 2018? That’s the only thing I can think of.


Try 31/12/2018 instead of 31/12/18.
Correct format requested is dd/mm/yyyy


Chrome trying to be helpful. Thanks for spotting that now corrected