Unable to import Activation/S2S-Chasing CSV to database


I’ve just tried to upload my CSV file containing the activation log for todays activation of OE/OO-298. Everything looks good until the window where I have to select “I agree” - upon submission (“Submit Entry”) I get a error page according to which “The transaction log for database ‘sotadata_db’ is full due to ‘LOG_BACKUP’.” Please see attached screenshots for details.

While I am pretty sure the error is not on my side I apologize in advance if I was indeed the perpetrator. However, I fear this is a general problem and I suppose other people are going to notice this problem soon too.

vy 73 de OE5LXR Alex

No it’s not you the log was full when it shouldn’t be.

Can you report these kind of errors using the contact form at Summits on the Air or by PM or by email because posting them on here often has a positive feedback effect where lots of people try to see if it’s broken for them too making whatever the problem is worse.

Fixed now Alexander, you should be able to enter your log.

But don’t all rush and test it…

Thank you very much, it works :wink: Will use the contact form/PM next time :wink:

73 de OE5LXR Alex