UK - wire antennas on public parks?

Hi all,

Im not familiar with the laws about the public parks so…

In the UK is it ok with you through a wire up the tree for an hour or so etc etc?
I want to test some antennas I made without going to a hill outside london. Im not going to do in on a crazy sunny Sunday but more like a normal weekend.

The closest park for me is Regents Park (NW1), just around the corner.

Is there a problem with it?

Hi Tasos

You will find the following on the Royal Parks website (under regulations/guidelines for picnics) that would seem to be relevent here:

“To ensure everyone enjoys the parks fully, we ask that you refrain from the following:

Fixing anything to trees or driving anything into the ground.
Erecting tents, marquees or other structures…”

Take a look…

73 Marc G0AZS

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thanks a lot! Ill check the link!