UK SMS>Spotlite gateway

Thanks to the people who have been beta-testing the SMS>Spotlite gateway. Nobody managed to crash it during the test period! I’ve improved the software in a few ways and now I think it’s suitable for general release.

If you want to use the gateway then you need to register with me so I can add your phone number to the valid users. Send me an email (mm0fmf AT with your callsign and phone number and I’ll add you to the users and send you some info on how to use it.


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Thanks, Andy.

Are you ready for the deluge of requests after our very public and very successful trial?

73, Richard

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Nice facility Andy. Thanks. I especially like the way that it automatically adjusts your callsign; a neat idea and handy for us border-hoppers. SMS is certainly more reliable than GPRS and just sending a text is faster than accessing the browser and filling in a web-form (even if it is pre-filled in some cases). However best for me is that the font size used in text messages is nice and large, unlike the browser one, so I stand a chance of actually reading what I typed in bright sunlight.

As a further innovation, perhaps you can make use of the location facilities on recent phones to auto-fill the summit and association field. Add a blue-tooth adapter to the radio and you could pick up frequency and mode automatically too…



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Hi Andy.Thanks for your prompt help in getting me going on your new sms spotlite gateway.only 2 or 3 mistakes and all my fault.I am in LD lamd next week so I will be giving it a go .Best 73s Geoff G6MZX

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Hi Andy,

I used your SMS>Spotlite gateway for the first time yesterday when I activated G/WB-008 and G/WB-011. I’m delighted to report that it worked flawlessly and the spots were posted within seconds.

Thank you very much for developing and providing such a useful facility! I find it much quicker and easier than fiddling with web site input on a small mobile phone.

Walt (G3NYY)

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A well-known G4 “chaser” this afternoon told me that I had been spotted on 2m SSB by a Swedish station. Apparently the spotter’s callsign was “SM5BOT”!


73 de G3NYY

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Marc G0AZS has already suggested that changing the name of the virtual user from SMSBOT to something which can’t be confused with a call would be worthwhile. I forgot do it at the last update so it’s already on the list. Now that Marc’s prediction has been realised I’ll make sure it’s the number one task on the list.


I notice the name is just “SMS” now, rather than that mysterious Swedish amateur! Thanks again for the facility Andy, which has become my preferred method of self-spotting from a summit, even where SPOTlite is reliable.


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I changed the user when I did some updates based on bug reports from users. I need to find a non-intrusive way of announcing updates to the users via the reflector.

I must point out it wasn’t my idea as the guys in Hungary had theirs running first. I thought putting one in the UK would help people here as it would be a bit cheaper to use than sending international texts.

I’m cleaning up the program so it isn’t hard coded to my server. when that’s done one of our VE colleagues (forgotten who and I don’t have my PC with me down here in Liverpool, just the work PC so I can’t check the emails) will run an SMSBOT for our North American users.