UK SMS gateway number?

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me if the UK SMS gateway is still operational, and if so what the correct number is?

It doesnt seem to be working for me!

Martin G7MRV


You entered a malformed frequency, so it bounced your spot.

ok, not sure how that occurred then. I used 144 for testing. I’ll try one further test SMS, its from the SOTAspotter app so im not sure how much control of the format I have

It seems the last test showed 144.0. This test ive set 145.500 FM

Ah! Thats got it!

All seems to be working now! I’ll stop clogging the system with my test spots!

Martin G7MRV

He’s not the only one having issues.

Is “What’s my problem?” too much of a leading question?

Trying to spot using SMS with RRT on a Huawei phone. I’m sure the number has been registered, but it didn’t work when I activated Leith Hill the other week and a test I’ve just tried failed as well.

I’d rather use the SMS facility for spotting - I’ve got 5000 free texts to use each month…


Did you ever get an email saying you were registered? There’s nothing in the user list for you nor are there any inbound or outbound emails with your callsign in them in the email logs.

Hi Andy,

It looks like you are right. I remembered you replying to some question I asked when I started in SOTA, and thought it was about registering for the SMS gateway. I’ve searched my emails and have found the original question and it’s nothing to do with the gateway.

I assume a PM to th MT is the way to go to get a phone registered.


Send it to me John.

Hello Andy, I have sent a test spot via inreach to the +447903533046 number, as you have stated. The name is Brian Boschma N6IZ. Hopefully my formatting of the message is correct. Please let me if that is going to work.

Here is the text of the test spot:
N6IZ W6/SN-XXX 14.062 CW Test Spot Ugnore

Regards, Brian


4 messages received, 4 messages rejected as unknown user. Assuming you had registered to use the system the 4 messages would still have been rejected as 2 messages contain no spot information and the remaining 2 contain mal-formed spots.

At the top of every reflector page is a link to the FAQs section, if you click that then on the left hand title bar you’ll see a link to manual for the spotter. That shows how to format a spot. Now there is some extra magic need for InReach spotting to work and it’s not published openly for “security through obscurity” reasons. email me at the address in the manual and I’ll guide you through what is needed.