UK RSGB Convention 2019

Hi All
It is the RSGB annual Convention in Milton Keynes this coming weekend and although there are no specific Sota lectures, I expect there will be other attending who have caught the Sota bug.
I plan on being in the entrance lobby at 1215 Saturday if others wish to have a natter.

David G0EVV

Hi Dave,
I also will be back at the RSGB Convention this coming weekend… If desired, I can report on my past SOTA expeditions with over 25 summit activations this summer… At the annual district meeting in Rostock / Germany last weekend, I held a 45-minute talk with explanations about SOTA… I hope that there in Milton Keynes will be more OMs who caught the SOTA bug and follow your call… I will definitely mark the date in my schedule… You can follow me and send messages via APRS… I will use the callsign G7RAY-7…

73 as hpe cuagn l8r de Bjørn, DL7RAY aka KN7RAY aka G7RAY

I visited Bletchley Park and the RSGB Convention at the weekend. Unfortunately the lecture I was in before lunch on Saturday went on much longer than intended so I missed the SOTA meet. I did bump into SOTA participants around the convention venue though and it was nice to catch up.

I came away from the convention with a 3 band Mountain Topper, a nice addition to my SOTA rig collection.

I was fortunate enough to operate both the Convention station (GB3HQ) and the NRC station at Bletchley (GB3RS) on HF CW.



An excellent but very intense weekend!

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