UK Lockdown 3.0a

Jimmy M0HGY used to walk in wellies. I think he did his debut ascent of Kinder Scout in his wellies. He’s been in proper boots for many years now though.

Liam has always hated walking boots, and so still has a decent pair of wellies for walking in, even at age 23! Good job too. Last time I went for a walk up Kinder Scout myself, I forgot my boots. Fortunately, Liam had left his wellies in my car and he’s only one shoe size smaller than me. They were absolutely fine for the walk.

I’ve done walks with @G3CWI when he has opted for wellies himself rather than walking boots, proving conclusively that there really isn’t an upper age limit for walking in wellies.

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All you need is a mountain with a small puddle at the summit. Shove a wire up one of your masts and hey presto, you’re angling. Doesn’t say anywhere that there have to be fish.

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Amateur radio is a metaphorical kind of fishing anyway. With non-metaphorical fishing equipment at that!

But are we not in a crisis situation where we need as few as possible of us seeking approval to be out-and-about?

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True, but things aren’t so bad that we can’t enjoy a laugh!

As all or most SOTA activators, I have also been several times questionned by other hillwalkers about what I was fishing when they saw me with my fishing rod and the endfed wire sloper tied to its top end. My answer has several times been that I’m actually fishing… after a brief pause I add that I’m fishing contacts with other hams around the Globe.



I say that too Guru. But it was not an original idea by me. Quite a few years ago, a little girl came up to me on G/SP-015 and said “Are you ‘fishing’ for contacts?” I’ve used it ever since!

The other one - and this is also plagiarised, from someone on here I think - is when people come up to me and say “Have you caught anything yet?”, to which I reply “Yes. You”.


My telescopic mast is a fishing pole, have a fishing bag for my vhf radio. Sure the 857 and tuner will fit, just need a small bag to stick antenna and battery in. Sorted

I hope you have a rod license!


Hi all

What should we think of this kind of spot ?

12:23 SV2RUJ/P on SV/TL-072 | post_add
illegal activation Greece is at Lockdown ony for Hikkers Municipal borders (by SV2HSZ)

are we going to cancel all activations during this pandemic?

No, there are parts of the world with no restrictions. However the MT will delete from the database all activations that we find are illegal under local lockdown rules. Since the MT do not know what the lockdown rules are in every country they are depending on AMs and RMs informing them of illegal activations.


Many years ago my XYL and I were hiking up Schober in Austria, when we came across a gentleman on the way back down. He was wearing long shorts, a shirt and tie, a knotted hanky on his head and was wearing brown brogues. Of course he was English !


from the bbc report

"Derbyshire Police said in a statement: “Driving to a location - where exercise could easily have been taken closer to a person’s home - is clearly not in the spirit of the national effort to reduce our travel, reduce the possible spread of the disease and reduce the number of deaths.”

fortunately the law does now allow you to be fined for breaking " the spirit" just another case of heavy handed police work to me.

I’m uncomfortable with police being able to issue penalties for (in their opinion) acting outside the spirit of the national effort. But then neither am I comfortable with driving to a beauty spot via Starbucks for daily exercise when it can start, alternatively, from your front door.*

*as of the current guidelines effective 5th January 2021.

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So am I. “Spirit” is vague and a matter of opinion, penalties should only be applied for breaking the letter of the law.

Daily exercise from my front door is pavement bashing with pedestrian dodging. Those living in small towns and villages have better options for exercise than those living in big cities.


We have to do a bit of pavement bashing and pedestrian dodging for the ten minutes or so it takes us to reach open space. It keeps you awake, alert - and adds a few extra steps on one’s Fitbit tracker!

But it is safer to leapfrog those pedestrians with a car, as allowed†.

† Allowed in G, not e.g. GW I think.

Debatable I would say. Everyone thinks the same and some countryside spots are heaving. Lyme Park and Macclesfield Forest have been dreadful. Tom has designed some walks around the local tip which are often quieter.

If you find your intended destination is busy it is wise to drive on to somewhere less busy or simply turn back home (GM FM said something along those lines today). You’d be less likely to do this having taken the effort to do the pavement shuffle.

I’ve been doing the streets around here as well as the hills, occasionally. When I get more than a strong whiff of a fellow pedestrian’s perfume it gives pause for thought. Or I watch the cloud around somebody vaping! It makes me more and more wary of the limited space on a pavement.

Well it is actually quite interesting and has some history I think. (IIRC I found some narrow gauge track there many years ago)

Two of the “Lockdown Walks” routes I’ve devised go near or encircle the local recycling centre. The other 20+ don’t though.

Talking of old railways, there’s a stretch of disused line through Bosley that would be useful for Lockdown Walk routes, but it’s not a PROW, and is pretty fiercely defended by “no access” signs and barbed wire, spikes etc. Seems a shame it’s just lying there doing nothing when it could be put to good use. Mind you I’ve been in Macc long enough to remember before the Middlewood Way, when the disused Macc - Bollington - Marple line was strictly out of bounds (although as kids we ignored that!)

While we’re quibbling about what exactly ‘stay local’ means [and please don’t shoot back with the vague definition in the guidelines], it appears from the news that hundreds of people are travelling long distances to beauty spots.

Whilst everyone in my Cumbria village seems to be staying at home or walking from home / driving short distances, the police, MPs, and other officials are complaining people have travelled big distances, e.g. from Liverpool and Northamptonshire, to the Lake District.