UK/Europe Trip / Road to Mountain Goat

A beer later, and I’m going to head out towards Skye tomorrow. I have a view of Ben Nevis from the living room, or rather did - and now just have a view of lowering cloud layers. Tomorrow will likely be a day to stay low.

I plan to activate the local 1 ptr GM/WS-339 Druim na h-Earba some point in the evening. Early days for me in learning how 10m works here, but I figure later in the day might be better.


Re: Augstenberg HB0/LI-004: I found a nice report from Paul HB9DST for the hike up on this summit.
The HB9SOTA home page has also numerous other informations regarding summits in and around Switzerland.

73 de Martin / HB9GVW


Well a failed activation of GM/WS-339 (3 contacts) and a very successful activation of GM/WS-001.

Your 40m band is a little bit more crowded than in VK… I’m quickly figuring things out, 2M FM here is critical for success, at least for QRP voice.

Setting off at 6:40am i expected the walk up Ben Nevis to take roughly 3hours based on my fitness level (or lack of) and I touched the summit trig point at 2:58. There were about 15 people ahead of me and I had the summit to myself for half an hour. That rapidly changed to OMG levels but I was happily on FT8 by that point.

I had an eyeball QSO with a QRP operator from Texas which was probably the most surprising thing today.

One of my knees had some minor complaints with the descent. Will have to keep an eye on that. I think I’ll be up for the easy 6ptr tomorrow with a good sleep.

Obligatory selfie:


I did listen on 10 even called; nothing, maybe try 20, a lot of FT8 operators on there.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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Good luck with the activation of the “Big Three”. Several years ago, I activated them over a period of 2 yrs. There are not many foreigners who did all three.
Perhaps we can meet in Friedrichshafen.
Cheers Martin DF3MC


Thanks for the S2S, you quite took me by surprise when you called on 2m. I was just setting up my EFHW whilst still listening on 2m, and I heard a VK call :joy:
I had the opposite experience with 2m on GM/ES-027 even with 10w into a flower pot antenna, you were my only 2m contact


Martin - I’ll be at the dinner. I was chatting today with a regular in my log who I’ll catch up with there.

Paul - glad I grabbed that opportunity. The call is a mouthful.

I was chased off the mountain today by that south westerly. It went from pleasant but windy to hat, gloves, extra layers and I don’t want to be here anymore rather quickly. Light rain on the descent.

I’ve posted an alert for GM/WS-343 for tomorrow. It’s going to be a sight seeing day due to early weather and recovery for my legs. The tides line up nicely for Tioram Castle and since I’m there, there’s a summit within walking distance however it’s not clear on the best access. I’ve got a rough idea, will see how that goes.

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