UK distance learning Intermediate courses?

Hi all,

Whilst working Ricky MW6GWR/P earlier, we were discussing ways of improving his footprint on 160m & I asked him about his plans to progress to the UK intermediate licence which would increase his power limit significantly. While Ricky does aim to progress, he is geographically remote from most clubs being on the west coast of North Wales. Of course, learning CW would be beneficial, but for most, it is progression through the licence categories that comes first.

Being a GB2RS newsreader I am aware that certain clubs do provide “distance learning” courses for the full licence, but cannot remember of any that do the same for the intermediate licence. Of course, any practical assessments must be done in person, but is anyone here aware of a suitable intermediate course that would not involve significant amounts of travel for those away from major conurbations?

Sorry if this is a little OT but I am sure any info would be appreciated many.

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Mark G0VOF

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This might help it is a video of the course done by paul.


Hi Mark,

David, G0EVV, may be able to help.

He has sent myself and another M6 WOTA member details for the Intermediate for distance learning and kindly offered help to work through the tutorials.

He is a tutor for the Amateur Radio Examinations at Northumbria Amateur Radio Club.



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Hi Mark,

He might like to Check Southport Radio club,We do distance learning stuff, in fact we just had a candidate pass from the Brecons yesterday. They might not be run frequent enough for him though. Contact G0HRt sota committee as he is our training co-ordinator. or Southports club web site. Or G0HRT/P atop Moel F GW-NW044 now!!

Rgds Keith G0OXV