UK and other 5MHz Cadet Stations

I have been asked by a “Cadet” station, for a signal report whilst operating on 5 MHz ssb whilst on a SOTA activation. In the event of this being No 4 on that activation does the exchange of signal reports with the Cadet contact qualify the activation?


David G0EVV

That’s a good question! The rules sat “a minimum of four QSOs must be made, each of which must be with a different station.” They don’t say “ham station” and the contact is legal in this country, so I would say yes.


I think that the only database requirement is that you can log the contact. I guess you have an ID for the contact which will be some kind of non amateur call sign. Andy @MM0FMF should be able to advise what the database expects and also adjust the database if necessary to accept the Cadet station ID.

The obvious question is - was the ‘cadet’ QSO the 4th AND final QSO? i.e did you only make 4 QSO’s?

Just an observation


It appears from the wording to be a hypothetical question.


In clarification;
This was a hypothetical question.
In this case, MZV40 was my 56th QSO of 67. But if I had only made 3 QSOs and MZV40 was my 4th would the activation count?
David G0EVV

It’s fine by me David. Cadets are allowed on that band and the original NOVs for us for 5MHz had info on how to work Cadet stations. If it’s OK for an amateur to QSO with a Cadet then it’s OK for SOTA.

The only issue is there is some code in the database that tries to make sure the callsign looks like a callsign. It might not accept all Cadet calls as they look a bit iffy! If it wont upload, let me know and I’ll insert it with my Systems Admin hammer.

Oh no, not the Systems Admin Hammer.

When the only tool you have is a hammer, all problems become nails. :slight_smile:

Well said, Maxwell!


He of the equations?

No, he of the SIlver Hammer.

In Conclusion,
Thanks for the commentary. The MZV40 Cadet call was accepted by the database from my activation of Great Shunner Fell.

Good sensible result.


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But you have to be careful lest you screw it up entirely :wink:

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