UK 40m SSB frequency question

Given that the UK 40m allocation is quite different from the US, I wondered what the “typical” or preferred SSB frequencies are for SOTA in UK?

Paul W6PNG

Hi Paul,

Around 7.118 is where most of the European SOTA activators head for…

73 Mike


Thanks and will aim for that frequency plus/minus as appropriate.


As mike says 7118 KHz - another option is 7090 KHz (the QRP calling frequency).

73 Ed DD5LP

Very useful to note is the WAB (Worked All Britain) net frequency of 7160kHz, this normally operates as a controlled net but poor conditions on 40m recently make the net somewhat hit and miss.

The WAB group have recently (18months) started a scheme for activating/chasing Ordnance Survey Trig points (like USGS trig stations). As many trig points are at the top of SOTA summits there is a lot of crossover between the two award schemes. Having a SOTA summit, rare locator and trig point at the same time makes an activator well wanted! Worth considering.

I’ve found 7118kHz to have nearly always have regular strong stations sat on either 7115 or 7120 which makes it hard work for QRP SSB.

To be fair, that can happen anywhere on forty, which at busy times is full of rock-crusher stations!


It always amazed me how we in Europe originally fitted into 100KHz - pre the expansion to 7200KHz. Must have been a lot slimmer than our American cousins :slight_smile: