UK 14 MHz 20m band allocation

Just checking I’ve read right as I thought in the UK we were restricted to below 14.300 Mhz, but the Table C full license parameters lists 14.000 Mhz - 14.250 Mhz then also 14.250 Mhz - 14.350 Mhz - so operating
up to 14.350 Mhz (taking into account USB bandwidth) is fine?

I’ve not chased some stations transmitting above 14.300 MHz because I thought it was off limits.

Maybe that is an M6 restriction?

Anyway, clarification would be good.
Thanks, Mark.

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Hi Mark, good question this, some operators might need a reminder to check the band plans occasionally.

Yes 14.350MHz is the limit.

See here UK Band Plans

73 Neil

Yes 14.350 is the top and remember we’ll have none of this USB lark with an indicated frequency of 14.350 either. 14.347 USB is where you really want to stop.

Hi Mark,
It quite normal for frequencies between 14.300 and 14.350 to be used for Long Path EU-VK SSB contacts. There tends to be less QRM above 14.300 (except when there’s a contest on of course).

If possible avoid 14.300 exactly though as that the default International emergency coordination frequency.