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Uh Oh They've figured us out !

See attached !
73, John K6YK


Good one, John! I can think of a few activations where I felt like I was walking into something similar! :slight_smile:

73 de K9PM Paul


Our consumers are a bit smaller.


By far my favourite is this:


When I went to Kings Canyon National Park in California with a friend many years ago we kept hearing stories from people who had seen bears. We climbed Mount Whitney by the mountaineers route and wild camped so we borrowed a bear barrel to keep our food in. We didn’t see a single bear in the whole two weeks!

In New Zealand a couple of years later I was eaten alive by the sand flies. They make the Scottish midges seem insignificant.

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great video Richard

Geoff vk3sq

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That reminds me of this t-shirt I saw the other day :slight_smile:

Fred - K7PY


Ticks have figured us out too! Five today on my activation.

Andy, N4LAG

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The black fly song; Written by Wade Hemsworth, canadian fellow, 1949. He actually did work in Northern Ontario one summer.


Reminds me of a sailboat charter we did a few years ago up on Lake Superior. It was just in time for the annual Black Fly Festival. We were dinner – every night.

I picked an O and A out of the CW the black fly in the video was sending. . .

73, Jim KK0U

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Jim, they DO know CW, which is why they know where you are operating from…

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