TX factor - Great Content and Excellent Production

FYI - I just stumble on to the TX factor …It’s an very well done (or as you say, Brilliant) internet-TV program strictly focused on Ham Radio. Professionally produced in the UK and most watchable without inducing yawns or drowsiness. Their first episode: TX Factor - Episode 1 (TXF001) - YouTube At 12:30 there’s segment on an active SOTAteer Tom/M1EYP who demonstrates the joys of SOTA using just about all modes! 3-cheers to Tom and TXfactor!

Cheers, Steve/wGOATs

In reply to WG0AT:
I was particularly impressed with the coherer demonstration. I had no idea just how challenging signal receiving was, I think I will stick to my KX3 .

In reply to WG0AT:
Yes Steve it was very good show indeed. Tom did a good piece. I hope his fine beard grows back HI. The show benefited from a complete lack of the cringe-worthy characters that plague one of the US shows!
David M0YDH