Two very different activations...I/LO-297 and I/LO-227

Thursday I choose a fast activation, 1 hour drive from home. Monte Crocione I/LO-297, 886 meters asl.
I arrive on the spot, I get out of the car and a gadfly stings painfully on my leg. Excellent start. I enter the thick wood and I am assailed by clouds of mosquitoes, so long as I can manage them quite well.I arrive at the top, still in the thick woods, I stop and realize that it will be a very hard activation … Bites and bites despite the repellent, only a qso in ssb because the mosquitoes enter in my mouth. I make some calls in cw for validate the activation, other punctures on the hands to make 4 qso, then dismantle everything and run down the path to the car, to end my worst activation ever.

Three days later with my wife I choose to activate the Sasso di Gordona I/LO-227 (I think the first activation for SOTA) a track not very long but quite challenging … Everything perfect: nice day, not hot, pleasant company, beautiful meadows full of flowers, a rewarding climb between the military posts of the Cadorna Line, a beautiful 360 degree panorama, no other on the top, not so bad propagation and 10 S2S, despite the usual problems with the paddle, solved with the use of the emergency key. Beautiful and very pleasant and…No mosquito at all!

Thanks to all chasers and activators, especially those who worked me while I was using the emergency vertical key


Thanks for the S2S last Saturday. I was on PA/PA-003. No mosquitoes :slight_smile:

73, Tonnie de PA9CW