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Two problems with website

Apologies for posting to the reflector, but I get “Error” when I try to contact Jon via the contact page. My initial problem was a failure to register on the website, because I failed to get the confirmation message (and there’s no sign of it in the logs of the machine that should have handled it). I can’t try a new registration in case I typo’ed my email address because the website thinks I’m already registered.


Which website?

EDIT: Scrub that… the SOTA website. OK it wouldn’t let me message myself when not logged in nor when logged in. I’ll notify Jon.


Jon’s fixed the contact webpage problem.

Similar to my problem?

I’m slowly working down an Augean Stables of jobs tonight Mike including, “contact the MT”, missing emails, deleting failed registrations, updating the DB with new associations. Yours (and some other email issues) is job #2, with job #1 being the updates.

Would not have even mentioned it, but for this post. Definitely not an urgent problem, put me at the bottom of the pile.
Thanks andy.

OK, that’s 2 updates in place and a new association :slight_smile:

Now for mails and registrations…

Thanks: successfully used to send Jon details of my original problem registering.