Two granite summits

Over at my blog I have a report on my double activation on 13th December:

Two Granite Mountains in Wales

Quite a change from the unpleasant WX of the previous weekend, so it made a great day.

Thanks everybody.

73, Simon

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Nice reports Simon. I nearly ended my SOTA career on Gyrn Ddu earlier this year. I set up a little way to the NE of the summit. It was lucky I did as the summit was struck by lightning! Two other walkers on Aran Fawddwy were less lucky that same day.

Glad the SOTAmaps track logs are continuing to prove useful. I’ve got a few to upload.

Anyway, back to these two hills, they are both fairly small in stature, but both have lots of interest.

73 Gerald MW0WML

Thanks Gerald.

Yes, I remember you reporting the lightning incident. I wonder if igneous summits “attract” lightning more than other sorts?

I’ve just uploaded my track, but I think next time I will wait to get a lift rather than slog up from almost sea level.

73, Simon