Two further SOTA Mountain Goats for Thuri HB9CEV and René HB9NBG

Dear all

More participants provide more goats - it’s somehow simple: Summits on the Air is very popular in Switzerland, and it is a pleasure for me to take note of two further milestones within the Swiss SOTA chapter:

First for Thuri HB9CEV. Thuri is an experienced and prudent mountaineer. He completed the score for his 2nd Mountain Goat together with HB9BIN and HB9BQU on an activation of alpine summit Clariden, HB/GL-003. See some impressive pictures on the SOTLAS summit page!

(Picture: Hans HB9BQU)

Thuri is not only a good alpine climber but also an ufb hobby cook. In the still unmanned Clariden mountain hut he served a perfect dinner to the participants of the tour, prepared on a wood stove. He bought all the ingredients himself and carried them to the hut.

And second one is René HB9NBG. René is a well-known SOTA professional completing now his 4th Mountain Goat. His masterpiece was the first activation of Pizzo Barbarera, HB/UR-046, a secluded alpine summit on the border line of the Swiss cantons Uri and Ticino, together with his wife Carine. See more of this summit e.g. here.

Congratulations to you both! Keep your fires ignited to enjoy even more summits on the air and bring this joy down to others.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Congratulations to both of you, Thuri HB9CEV and René HB9NBG on these milestones and achievements :+1: There are still many summits waiting for you :mountain: And of course, always a good ascent and descent.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

Congratulations to Arthur and René for reaching twice Mountain Goat.

For me it is always an enrichment and satisfaction when I can do a tour with Arthur, HB9CEV. So, I am looking forward to the tours planned with him for July on the following 4 mountain: Alphubel (HB/VS-013), Weissmies (HB/VS-027), Castor (HB/VS-011) and Pollux -(VS-021). Each of them has an altitude of more than 4’000 meters.

73 de HB9BIN, Juerg

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Congrats to both…

And thank you for all the S2S

73 Armin


73, Ken

Congratulations, Thuri and René! Thanks for all the S2S.

73 Jens HB9EKO

Congrats to both of you. Impressive achievements.
Fritz, HB9CYX

Congratulations Arthur (Thuri? Nice!) and René and thanks for the many S2S!
73 Fabio

Congratulations Thuri for the 2xMG, may you continue to enjoy every day in the mountains, today you caught us in our activation, thanks for your interest.
Congratulations also to René, we never had S2S, we hope to get it soon.
73 for both.
EA4DOS Elena
EA4 DON Alex.
Felicidades Thuri por la 2xMG, que sigas disfrutando cada jornada montañera, hoy nos cazaste en nuestra activación gracias por tu interés.
Felicidades también a René, nunca tuvimos S2S, esperamos conseguirlo pronto.
73 para ambos.
EA4DOS Elena
EA4 DON Alex.

Dear Markus, dear all,
Thank you for all the congratulations. Since I’m retired, I have more time for my hobbies and these are hiking, mountaineering and radio. It’s fun and satisfying. So I hope that we will have many more QSOs and s2s in the future.
Congratulations also to René for your 4th Mountain Goat. I still remember our very weak cw s2s QSO :wink:.

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