Two Carneddau

Over on my blog I’ve written up activations of Pen Llithrig y Wrach (GW/NW-013) and Carnedd Llewelyn (GW/NW-002) undertaken with Jonathan (@2W0KGQ) and Gerald (@MW0WML) on Sunday 12th October.

Many thanks to everybody who worked us, and thanks to Jonathan and Gerald for a great day.

73, Simon

Carneddau October 2014


Hi Simon

Thanks for the link to your report and especially the s2s we had on Sunday whilst you were on Carnedd Llywelyn GW/NW-002. I’m glad Gerald eventually sorted out his Rx issue as at one time I thought I was not being heard. What was the problem?

A report of my activation of Digwylfa Fawr GW/MW-038 can be found by following this link :-


Allan GW4VPX

Pleasure being out with you both. A great mountain day and great SOTA too.

73 Gerald

Hi Allan, I can’t find any fault or any reason why I was getting S9+ of noise on 2m. All I know is it went away when I moved 20-30m away from where we were all operating. So I was then able to operate on 2m. I know Simon had the same too. Very odd! I think there may be a buried alien spaceship on the summit somewhere…

73 Gerald

Thanks for reminding me of the S2S. I thought I logged it on my phone but it evaporated!

I didn’t have so much trouble as Gerald, but was certainly troubled by some noise. Who knows. 70cm was FB.


Indeed it was a fantastic day !. Thank you for organizing it both, I hope I didn’t slow you both down too much with my clunky HF station !. Your pace was certainly impressive. 70cms activity was good fun as well.

The report reads very well Simon, had a smile on my face reading that all the way through. Definitively will have to do another activation at some point down the line.

And thank you to all the chasers on 40M. GW/NW-013 was much more popular then I thought !