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Two Activations One Visit

Hello everyone. They got 80 mil of rain in the last thunder storm at Orroroo so with the permission of the land owner I have planned an activation for my New Years morning. Hugh and I will be on the road early to travel 200 km and 4x4 to some where near the top and try to get an activation each before, then after UTC roll over. It will be great if many chasers are there sore heads and all to welcome the new year and 2017 season of SOTA for Hugh and I.
Regards from Ian vk5cz …

Hi Ian

Interesting to read this in many VK & W posts on the Reflector. In GM land we are fortunate that we can roam anywhere (with sense and due consideration - you wouldn’t make many friends ‘yomping’ through someones back garden). So it looks like we have somethings right in the ‘old’ country - hi!

And - ‘Lang may yer lum reek in 2017’


Yes Jack unfortunately when the land access laws were written or adopted from the mother country “mans right of way” was not included . We are very lucky that pretty much all but 1 farmer has denied access for us to climb the 50 summits we go to. Finding out who owns the land and making contact is the hardest part of SOTA here but once they understand what you are trying to do they are pretty helpful . Some summits have gazetted unmade roadways to them if there is a trig point on top but a couple farmers are a bit grumpy about access so we don’t push it if they deny access just put it down to sour grapes. I was once told by a hiker that you are not really trespassing until you are asked to leave if you are found passing through a property but its a grey area. We normally stay off their properties during summer I would hate to be the one who started a fire driving through long dry summer grass plus brown snakes and the heat from the sun is pretty fierce. This activation for New years day was organised after consulting the land owner first to see if he thought it would be ok to 4x4 on the track to the summit and they had 80 mil of rain this week so it should be still a bit damp and high humidity for the trip. Cheers Mate take care de Ian vk5cz …