Two Abruzzo summits I/AB-036 & I/AB-072 in one day

Yesterday, taking advantage of a beautiful sunny day, I decided to spend the day in Abruzzo walking in the mountains and trying to activate two Sota peaks. After an hour’s drive from Rome, I therefore took the path to the first peak, Cima Serralunga I/AB-036, Quota 1909, which I reached after an hour’s walk. The path was exposed to the north and therefore in some places there was a lot of snow and even ice.

The top however was free and I could easily install my radio station. After an hour on the radio, I disassembled everything and went down towards Campo Felice, from where I had started.

I took the car back and went to the Parco Silente Velino area (Pota reference I-0629) and started the journey towards Capo di Via Traverza I/AB-072, altitude 1556 m. where in about 40 minutes I reached the top. Here I used masts to support my EFHW line for the twenty meters and started casting “Cq Sota and Cq Pota” first SSB and then cw.

When I saw that the sun was starting to go down behind the mountain, I disassembled everything and started the descent towards the car. Very beautiful and hot day, with a total of 84 QSOs and 15 summit to summit and lots of fun.


Hi Andrea,

Thank you for nice report and S2S QSO :wink:

73, Jarek


Uao !! very very different weather condition :slight_smile:

73 and thanks for the photos, Andrea

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