Twitter feed?

With everything else going over to sotawatch3, did we lose the twitter feed also? Haven’t received a twitter spot in two days now, so was just curious. I’m probably the only one that was using it :wink: since I haven’t seen/heard anyone else mention it…I’ve been using it so long now that it seemed like it would never go away. First set it up when N7UN wrote about it. It actually works real slick, except on those weekends where you’d get more than 200 spots in a 24hr period. My carrier, AT$T, would cut off after 200 tweets :wink: , but would usually reset within an hour or so…

73, Todd KH2TJ

The important question would be who is/was running the service that was feeding the twitter feed.
It should be trivial to get it changed to the new API for spots.

Any idea?
73 Joe

Yep, no idea who, what, how or where the service runs

Martyn M1MAJ runs it. Probably he needs to adjust the RSS feed details. Martyn doesn’t log in to the reflector every day, he takes the daily email feed so we will need to wait a few hours till he sees this.

I’ll add one of these @M1MAJ so he should be aware.

I converted the Twitter feed to the new API some time ago; at least I changed it to what I was told was the new thing at the time. I will take a look at what’s going on later this morning.

The service is in some sense “at risk”. I run it on servers at work, and as of 17:00 last Friday we are in lockout and the computers have been left to look after themselves. We will be able to deal with any major problems but there could be a delay. That being said, I’m not aware of any problem at the moment.

Martyn M1MAJ

I’m on the case. I am calling what I firmly believed was the new API but since last Friday it has been giving me an empty result set. I am seeking advice from Andy.


I believe the problem is now fixed. It turned out that there was a tiny error in my API call; until last week the server was tolerant of this error, and no longer is.

Apologies for the outage, which I just didn’t notice.

Martyn M1MAJ

Yes working here now too. Thank You Martyn.

73, Todd KH2TJ

Todd, you are one of two :smiley:

73, Jarek

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Not sure, but appears the twitter feed is down again? Not receiving spots on the cell phone now…Thanks in advance…

I can’t see any spots that haven’t been tweeted. Can you give an example?

Andy posted something about maintenance at the database server site so there might have been issues elsewhere in the last few hours.

Martyn M1MAJ

Cluster server, not the database server.

Spots on the cellphone from Twitter via SMS?

Twitter discontinued service via SMS two days ago.

Oops, sorry, I misrembered what I’d read.

That could explain it! Of course the SMS facility has been long gone for me.

Anyway, my bit is working. I originally wrote it essentially as a way of gatewaying spots into the SMS world; at the time doing so was free, though it soon hit daily rate limits that made it de facto unreliable.

Is it still useful?

Martyn M1MAJ

It was. But, I guess only a few of us were actually using it. Yes, the twitter feed would push the spots to the cell but didn’t know that twitter has discontinued the service. Was nice in that I didn’t have to have an app opened on the phone, just receive spots via SMS messages. Don’t know of another app/program that’s doing this?

In the past couple of weeks I’ve lost the sotawatch app (no longer supported), and SOTA Spotter no longer works on my ancient cell. Guess it was time to upgrade anyway :wink:

Thanks M1MAJ, and MM0FMF, for providing that service all these years. Just downloaded Hamalert and will try that out here in the next few daze’s…

73, Todd KH2TJ

Which one?

EDIT: And which phone? (Something pre A.G. Bell or recent)

An Android app that Sanjin, E71DX/DL7N, had on the google playstore. Seem to recall I downloaded that puppy a few years back. I emailed him last week about it not working anymore and he replied he was surprised that I had been using his app as he says he took it down years ago :wink: Not going to update it…That too was a nice easy app which required very little data use.

My kids are constantly harping on me to upgrade my cell phone to the 21st century! I’m using an older Samsung Galaxy S3, and up until the change over to sotawatch3, was working fine for me. It’s running Android 4.3 and since past couple weeks back, SOTA Spotter has quite working as well. Info on that app says it now needs V 5.0…

SOTA Spotter and Hamalert working fine on the tablet. Just need to update to a new phone now…


73, Todd KH2TJ

Maybe give a try.
Not an app but also a mobile friendly website with alerts and spots.

If you can install a modern browser it might still work with the secure connections.

73 Joe

As long as you never connect it to the internet you should be OK. Oh… hang on.

Thanks for the link to Joe. Testing it now…Looks really nice. Recall seeing this a while back and had forgotten all about it…

73, Todd KH2TJ