TW 001 and 002 on 2m FM

I may have a chance for a quick activation of Cringle Moor (TW-002) and Urra Moor( TW-001) at the end of the Month. I won’t have room for radio gear or time for set up, and wonder if anyone can advise how easy, or otherwise, these hills are on a 2m handie.


James M0ZZO

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Hi James

As the newly appointed Association Manager of the TW region I can offer the following advice based on my limited experience of operating on 2m FM from TW-002 Cringle Moor and TW-001 Round Hill.

I’ve activated both summits 3 times using a mix of HF, 2m SSB and 2m FM. My last visit to these summits on the weekend of 31st May 2009 yielded 4 QSOs on 2m FM from TW-001 in 20 minutes, so I just scraped in there. On TW-002 I wasn’t so lucky and made only 2 QSOs whilst having my lunch and failed to qualify - my GPS plot shows I was QRV for 20 minutes. I guess it’s a game of chance on the day unless you take a yagi. I was using a VX-170, 5 watts and a half wave vertical rucksack special antenna which I use in the Lakes for WOTA. This set up usually yields QSOs from 2000 foot peaks from the Lake District with stations such as G4BLH and G4ZRP over 50 miles away.

73 and I hope you qualify them both, if I am home I will be able to work you from Pickering, and G3OHC in Selby can usually be relied upon too.


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Hi James,

my one attempt at Urra Moor was a real struggle on 2m FM/SSB with the FT817 and I had a SOTA beam with me. The trip was a bit of a disaster as I forgot to pack the HF ATU in my rucksack and it was in the car with my XYL 2E1FKA. At least I found out where it was by having one of my QSO’s with her.

Take off from there was quite good and I could hear GB3VHF clearly but in those days there were not so many keen chasers around so not many QSOs

Good luck with your activation. If I remember correctly it was quite a nice spot to activate in what was a nice August sunny afternoon.

All te best

Mike G4DDL

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sorry about the double post, finger trouble

Thanks Guys

If I am able to make the activations it will be on Sunday 25th April. The ascents don’t look too difficult so I will be able to spend some time on the summit. If I can find the cable I will throw the SOTA Beam into the boot just in case.


James M0ZZO