Turn your hiking poles into an antenna mast

This is my 3d printed version of the original idea posted on ARRL QST (september 2020). All credit to Zach Thompson KM4BLG who understands the struggle of minimizing the weight of his equipment while operating portable. With a lightweight design in mind, he built an antenna mast out of his trekking poles. Read more about it in his article, “Easy to Use Antenna Mast for Portable Operators,” on page 36 of this issue.

This design is for my Waterdog K2 treking poles, I don’t know if this racor will fit as standard to other pole brand.
With my poles almost reach 3m full extended.
This is the Thingiverse link:


Not quite as long but for the roll-up Jpole my hiking pole has worked well!


Hi Eric; One question, how much does your briefcase weigh?
TNX 73

The Pelican case weighs 2.6 pounds alone. With FT60R, note pad, Rollup Jpole, extra battery. 4.9 pounds total. If I bring the FT818 instead of FT60R about 7 pounds. I like the piece of mind that the case provides. I am learning Morse and will eventually be carrying MTR3b and HT in the case.

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Currently I use a Tupperware first aid kit, only 300 gr., It is not completely waterproof so I was thinking of changing it, but the weight is important, and an 1kg it can be a lot on a strong hiking. Thanks you for the info.

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My carbon fiber trekking poles weigh 1 lb a pair. My 6m Carbon 6 mast weighs 343 grams. The additional 3 meters of height make a world of difference. I suppose I can attach my 13 foot fishing pole to my trekking poles to get the additional 3 m. I probably can save a few grams this way. Thanks for the idea

Ariel NY4G

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