Trying to contact Nelson WP3B

Once again I have to ask the SOTA community to try and help the MT get in contact with a SOTA participant.

This time Nelson WP3B on Puerto Rico. I have now given up trying to email him. Emails from my various accounts do not elicit a reply, not surprising as he uses an address and we know how pish Yahoo are. That or he never checks his spam folders.

But the fact remains a number of Puerto Rican hams were active and want help with some logging issues and despite my efforts, I can’t get in touch. There are few activations from Puerto Rico without participants having problems logging.

If you know Nelson WP3B, or maybe are in contact with hams in Puerto Rico who could forward a message, please contact me. Ideally I need Nelson to email me directly so please don’t give me his email address or ask him to use the CONTACT MT form.

Again, please pass the message out that if you contact the MT with a question or request for help you will get a reply. If you don’t get a reply after 7 days then it’s not us but how you use your email or your email service that is the problem.


If someone enters a Yahoo email adress on the contact form (or any other pish email provider) could it pop up a warming that emails might not get through and another email account would be preferable?
Similarly on submission of the form have a message saying to get in touch by email if you don’t receive a reply within 7 days?

Not sure of the effort/reward ratio for such a change.


I’m now in contact with Nelson.