Trip to Scotland June 2023 - Recommendations Requested

My wife and I are heading to the highlands of Scotland in June of 2023, third time, but this will be the first time I take a radio.
Looking for recommendations in the Pitlochry, Perthshire area of the highlands, any ideas would be appreciated.
Thank you for your consideration.
73 Russ de W0LMS

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Hi Russ
You might find something useful on this thread on the Reflector GM SI-land Mull and Pitlochry - 2m fm??
I normally use HF (60, 40, 20m); the other half (Vicki, M6BWA,) uses 2m and 70cm FM . The thread contains everything from our start via Oban and Mull to our second full week which we spent at Kirkmichael which is a few miles East of Pitlochry. Activations included 2 Munros as well as several little hills so something might be of interest. We are heading in very roughly the same direction again this year. Try the SOTAmaps Range setting centred on Pitlochry.
For Perthshire our previous trip might be helpful as we stayed a few miles SW of Perth and then near Peebles. I will see if I can find the Thread.


Thank you, we are staying in Kirkmichael.

If you are staying in Kirkmichael that brings the Glenshee hills within easy range.

This screenshot from shows the main cluster.

Meall Mor, 30 minute walk up track and rough moorland.
Mount Blair, 40 minute walk up a vehicle track. Good VHF take off south.
Mealna Letter and Monamenach can be climbed together but there are no paths.
To the right of Mealna Letter (and off map) is Badandun Hill, which has a vehicle track all the way up.
Ben Gulabin is 40 mins up a vehicle track followed by a steep and loose ATV track.
Glas Maol is the highest, but thanks to a start from the ski centee, can be done in an hour on a decent path. Great for VHF.
Carn a’Gheoidh also starts from the ski centre. A vehicle track climbs the ski area and then reasonable footpath follows a plateau to the summit.

Pitlochry has Ben Vrackie, which has an excellent path but will be busy.
Dunkeld has Deuchary hill, which has a lovely approach and a nice summit. Probably 90 mins walk.

You’ll struggle on 2 m or 70 cm on most of those summits, unless you line up some contacts in advance or go on a weekend. 40 m SSB will get you a pile-up!

If you need more details, search on here, as most of these have been written up. Alternatively drop me a line.

Edit: best views would be:
Ben Vrackie
Mount Blair
Looking north from Monamenach
Ben Gulabin

73, Fraser MM0EFI


Thank you this is wonderful; I will bring my FT-818 and a HT too, so I look forward to the pileups.

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Hi Russ,

We (family of 5) stayed in Pitlochry in 2013.

There is Ben Vrackie, GM/CS-065, just north of Pitlochry. You can start right from Pitlochry or drive a little up to the trail head in Moulin. I remember it as a nice walk with a steeper section with some stone stairs in the end. The summit area was a surprise for me. There was absolutely nothing to tie a mast to, no bushes, no lose rocks, only grass! I ended up with my family taking turns holding the mast for me. My recommendation is to bring a few tent pegs. The tree line can be surprisingly low on Scottish mountains. Do not forget to visit the Ben Vrackie Brewery and Pub near the trailhead afterwards. Nothing beats an activation that you finish with a brew named after your summit!

Another SOTA recommendation is the trio of Bein a Glow with Carn Liath, GM/CS-065, Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain, GM/CS-009 and Beinn a’Gloh, GM/CS-003. The trail head is near a loch northeast of Blair Atholl. We managed just the first of the three summits. Then my family objected to proceed further. But it is said to be a nice but long round-trip to all three of them.

Another summit I have fond memories of is Schiehallion, GM/CS-005. It can be reached via a well marked and easy to follow trail from Braes of Foss car park (see SOTLAS). This summit has lots of lose rock to wedge a mast and tie wires. There is also a Schiehallion brew, but I don’t know where the actual brewery is.

As for any trip to Scotland bring all your best rain gear, you will need it! We’ve had torrential rain falls with road closures on another trip to Scotland.

There are many activators from Scotland on this reflector. I am sure there will be more recommendations coming.

Have a nice trip, 73 Heinz

EDIT: Just saw your post that you will stay in Kirkmichael, not Pitlochry. I hope this information is of help anyway.


Very helpful, thank you.

Yes, bring guys for your mast. Also bring a plastic pipe sleeve to shroud the bottom section, or alternatively heatshrink wrap the bottom section. That way you can jam it in a summit cairn or build a pile of rocks around it and avoid using the guys. Some summits have old fence posts, so a couple of lengths of velcro will be handy.

Leave your throw line at home. :blush:


Have a look at my activations, I’m based in Crieff and most of the hills in the area are pretty close.


Thank you