Trip to PA/PA-004

This day I travelled to a meeting for the annual radio meeting on camping “De Jutberg “ near Apeldoorn. This happening is always in the week of Ascension Day.( 47th year )
It is only a detour of aprox. 15 min to PA-004, so you can understand I took the radio-backpack with me.
Although the weather prediction was very bad, and indeed it rained a lot, I stopped on route home in the forest, and had a try on 40/80/20 ssb.
Because of contest QRM, a wet forest and a very wet operator I only made one contact. ( no xyl with umbrella this time )
Bill GW4WSB/P at GW/NW-060 pulled my out of the noise, so a S2S on the list. Thanks for working so hard to work me Bill!
Now I try to get everything dry again and pack for my trip to DM/RP-??? tomorrow.
I try to activate ON/ON-009 and DM/NW-258 on route if it is not to wet. ( 10.00 UTC ?? ) Start at 7.118.
Also 3.666 for locals. I miss a lot of summits my self when PA/DM/ON operators do not use 80m.
Forecast not good, but fingers crossed. Hope to work you in the next few days. Perhaps I try PA-004 again in the “Jutberg” week.